Comfortisse Bra — The Most Comfortable Bra You Will Ever Wear

Let's face it — bras have never been comfortable. They bind, they pinch, and they often fit so poorly that they either do not offer enough support, or they cause unsightly bulges under the arms or across the back. But there is good news in the battle for the most flattering and comfortable bra! Comfortisse is a new bra that offers not only a flattering and comfortable fit, but also provides the all-day support busy women need.

Comfortisse is designed for real women who live busy lives. There are several features that make this the most comfortable bra you have ever worn. First, the straps are wide enough to offer support without cutting into the shoulder area, no matter how much weight they must support. Next, the t-shirt style design prevents itching and chafing in delicate areas as well as smoothing out the figure. Traditional bras cut into the shoulders and back, causing unsightly ridges and bulges.

No more back fat! The t-shirt design of the new Comfortisse bra is flattering no matter what your shape or problem areas. Because there are no "straps" or heavy-duty elastic bands, the Comfortisse will not exaggerate flaws, but will make your silhouette smoother and more flattering to your figure.

Easy Fitting for Every Body Type

The Comfortisse bra is designed with a seamless Italian loom construction that offers four-way stretch and fabulous support. This design makes for a gorgeous profile no matter what the angle or activity. You might even forget you're wearing a bra! No more pulling up faulty shoulder straps, or tugging down the back of your bra if you've had to stretch into an awkward position. The Comfortisse bra moves with you and provides the all-day support you need. Comfortisse is the most comfortable bra ever, no matter what your body type might be.

Fashion and Style

The best bra ever, the new Comfortisse bra, is available in six fashionable colors. The basic colors of black, white, and nude provide you with the basics for everyday wear, to blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. Comfortisse also comes in fashionable colors designed to wear under today's hottest low-cut styles without having to layer an additional jersey over a traditional bra that causes bulges and seams that just ruin the entire look!

Say goodbye to unsightly bulges, slipping straps, pinching fasteners, and failing support. When you try the new Comfortisse bra you will agree that it is the best bra ever, or you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

Why wait? Try Comfortisse today!