Comfortisse — Comfortable Bras for Large Breasted Women

Large-breasted women know it's uncomfortable to wear a bra that is not made specifically for their shape and size. Even large-cup bras that claim to offer support for large breasts do not, as they are made using stiff underwire, stiff, scratchy elastic, and uncomfortably sewn straps that just do not fit. The typical bra takes neither comfort nor fashion into account, so the best solution would be to find the best bra for large breasts, right?

There is a More Comfortable Solution!

Comfortisse is that bra and it changes all that by being the better, more comfortable solution, and it offers large-breasted women everywhere the full coverage lift and support they need while staying fashion focused. In fact, women who have tried a Comfortisse bra hail the Comfortisse line as the best bras for large breasts.

Large-Cup Bra Manufacturers Call This Supportive?

With a typical "new" and "supportive" large-cup bra, after wearing it only a week or two, the straps start leaving indents—which eventually become permanent—while chafing the skin on the shoulders. Then after a couple of washings, the elastic becomes deformed and starts pinching and chafing the rib cage. A few weeks after that—sooner in cases of very large-breasted women—the underwire starts poking through the fabric, leaving a hole that you simply cannot sew, not to mention leaving a sore on the skin where the edge of the wire rubs.

Why Comfortisse is Different

Comfortisse large-cup bras look and feel different because they are made differently and they are changing everything with their seamless look and fashion-forward colors. Comfortisse makes their large-cup bras specifically for large-breasted women—not the other way around, meaning they are not made for smaller-breasted women and then sized up to fit as other "large-cup bras" are.

Using a four-way stretch system instead of hard underwire or pinching elastic, Comfortisse large-cup bras offer needed lift and beautiful separating power while supporting both the breasts and the shoulders. The lifting and separating action not only makes breasts look and feel beautiful, but it also helps reduce the back pain associated with wearing an ill-fitting bra.

Comfortisse large-cup bras are obviously the better, more comfortable solution for large-breasted women. Their line of large-cup bras ares simply the best bras for large-breasted women in every way. You can wear them every day without the pain, without the unflattering bulges, and without the typical bra buyer's remorse, and even look good wearing them.