Comfortisse — Comfortable Bras Without an Underwire

It's estimated that at least 70 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. That means we're constantly adjusting bras that are riding up our backs, straps that are digging into our shoulders, and breasts that are spilling over the sides of our cups (or we're hiding wrinkly less-than-full bra cups beneath layers of clothing). The majority of women wear underwire bras because they provide more support than soft cups. Without adequate support, breast muscle and tissue tear and the breasts begin to sag. An ill-fitting underwire bra can lead to painful digging in beneath the breast and poking and scratching as the bra wears and those sharp metal wires burst through the fabric.

So why do we wear the wrong size or wrong fit of bra? Partly because the first time we asked for a professional measurement we felt awkward enough. We don't want to do it again. But you can bet your breasts aren't the same size and shape they were in college. Mostly, women are wearing the wrong fit because every set of breasts is different, but bras are pretty much all made the same. Large-breasted women and women with widely spaced breasts bear the brunt of the agony. So, what's a girl to do?

Sports bras are actually the most supportive bras on the market, but they're not figure flattering. Enter the new no-underwire bra by Comfortisse. It's hook- and clasp-less with wide straps and seamless, flexible, extra-soft fabric. This bra offers the maximum support of a sports bra, but unlike a sports bra, the Comfortisse bra is designed to complement your figure. It will hug your body like a second skin and give your breasts a natural lift and your body a stylish silhouette. It looks and feels smooth, so you can wear it under anything. You can even exercise and sleep in it—it's that comfortable. And unlike every other bra on the market, the Comfortisse bra adapts to your changing body, so you'll never have to wonder whether you need remeasuring for an accurate fit.

The Comfortisse bra is suitable for almost all cup sizes, so there's no need for awkward measuring. It's as easy as picking out your t-shirt size and it's machine washable too. The three-pack comes in black, white, and nude, so you're set for whatever you choose to wear with your new no-underwire Comfortisse bra.